About us

Stará Ořechovka pub is a traditional Czech pub with a rich history and a charming atmosphere. In our pub you can enjoy a wide selection of beers on tap, as well as quality wines and spirits.

The central building of the association and the condominium (where our pub is located today) by Jaroslav Vondrák has stood on Ořechovka since 1921. It was built parallel to the residential houses and became the commercial and social centre of the colony. The main facade of the house faces Mácha Square. There were shops, markets, a cinema, restaurants, cafés, a theatre and a dance hall and a doctor's surgery. The building also housed a post office and a saloon.

But our origins don't begin until several decades later, although still in the same building. The Stará Ořechovka pub first opened in 1993. Since then, our pub has kept the same traditional pub look and culture. In 2011 the environment was renovated and modernised. In addition, we have preserved the charm of historical elements and revived the atmosphere that makes the Stará Ořechovka pub a unique place to rest and relax.